AWHE CHIEF               Kickapoo
Chief                                                                                  CHIEF'S NORFLEET                                     
Muddy Squaw
                                                                Awhe Pila                       Apache Norfleet
    MR NORFLEET                                                                        Jiggs' Rita
                                                                QUICK M SILVER         Brush Mount
                                Perry's Peppy                                                Blue Bonnet Moore
                                                                 WR'S Blacky                 Peppy's Pepper II
RED EXPRESS                                                                                               Black Annie J
                                                                 WIN OR LOSE              MR BAR NONE
                                SONNY DEE BAR                                         Lady Leo
                                                                 Chigger's Baby             Chigger
    Red Sonny Sissy                                                                       Sugar Foot M
                                                                 Toledo                            Petit Homme
                                Toledo Kristy                                                  Princess Soliz
                                                                  Wolfette                         Wolf Hank
                                                                                                          Red Ball C
                                                                  SONNY DEE BAR        WIN OR LOSE
                                SONNY GO ROYAL                                       Chigger's Baby
                                                                  Heavenly Fire                Firebrand Reed
    Royal's Impression (HYPP N/N)                                             Pepsi Can
                                                                  IMPRESSIVE                 Lucky Bar
                                Impressive Sweet                                          Glamour Bars
                                                                  Two Eyed Kay               TWO EYED JACK
Royal Minx                                                                                                         Kay Mac Lee
                                                                  OUR SIR PRIZE           Smuggler Clegg
                                 SCRIBBLES                                                   Pretty Jackie
                                                                 SIN BAR                          AQHA stallion
    JM Scribbles Minx                                                                       Mizwac
                                                                 My Clabber                      CLABBER
                                 Apache Babe                                                  Payne's Shian
                                                                 Mohe                                Ben Hur II
                                                                                                           Dragoon Babe

Some notables in his pedigree we have found so far

MR NORFLEET - APHA Champion.  The Mr Norfleet cross on Sonny Dee Bar daughters is still
to this day one of the most influential crosses in the Paint Horse world.


AWHE CHIEF -, 1 western pleasure
point,A leading ROM Sire.  His foals really made a name for themselves as performance
horses, and his daughters have put him on 12 of the 16 Lifetime Leading Dams' Sires Lists

QUICK M SILVER - Western Horseman Legends, page 135 AQHA Superior Race (AAA)

SONNY DEE BAR - AQHA Hall of Fame, Western Horseman Legends 7;  AQHA Superior
Halter, sire of  1 AQHA supreme champion, 31 AQHA champions, 7 World Champions and

WIN OR LOSE - Sire of 10 AQHA champions, 91 ROM, 21 race winners and more

MR. BAR NONE - Western Horseman Legends 5, World Champion 2 & 3 yr old race colt, Sire
of 4 AQHA champions, 5 ROM performance, 7 Superior Race, 183 ROM race

SONNY GO ROYAL - AQHA champion, sire of 1 AQHA supreme champion, 1 AQHA
champion, 2 Versatility and more.  One of only six of Sonny Dee Bar's sons to be mentioned
on the AQHA Hall of Fame document for his famous sire.

IMPRESSIVE - Western Horseman Legends 4;  AQHA 's very first World Champion Aged
Halter stallion.  Sire of 24 AQHA champions, 38 World Champions and more.  Impressive
was highly sought after for breeding, despite at one time carrying the outrageously high stud
fee of $25,000. He sired a total of 2,250 foals, and as of 2003, was estimated to have in
excess of 55,000 living descendants. He was bred for his muscular and refined form, which
was passed on to his get often enough to make him at least the #5 all-time leading quarter
horse sire when ranked by AQHA points earned by all progeny combined. Perhaps his
greatest foal is Noble Tradition, a four-time World Champion stallion in halter, who has gone
on to be a highly successful sire himself.
A descendent of Man O' War.
In 1975 Impressive debuted on AQHA's list of leading sires of halter winners, ranking second
behind Two Eyed Jack. The next year, he took the second position on the list of leading sires
of point-earning halter horses, again standing behind Two Eyed Jack.

TWO EYED JACK -  Western Horseman Legends 3, AQHA Champion, sire of 3 AQHA
supreme champions, 119 AQHA champions and lots more

SCRIBBLES - Double registered Paint and Quarter Horse with Champion offspring in both
registries.  APHA Champion, Performance Versatility, Superior All-Round. Scribbles was a
1974 sorrel overo APHA stallion by Our Sir Prize and out of the APHA Champion mare, Sin
Bar.  Scribbles was an APHA Superior All-Around Champion, APHA Champion and earner of
an APHA Versatility Award.  Scribbles was a Lifetime Leading Sire of both APHA and PtHA
Champions, APHA Superior Champions, PtHA Supreme Champions, PtHA ROE earners,
APHA Superior All-Around Champions, APHA World Champions at Halter and Arena,
Versatility Champions and Multiple Futurity Winners. Scribbles earned ROM's in Halter,
Western Pleasure, Western Riding, Trail, Reining, Heading and Heeling, Team Roping,
Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, and Barrel Racing.

OUR SIR PRIZE - a 1969 sorrel overo stallion.  Named because of his loud color and the fact
that both of his parents were Quarter Horses, Our Sir Prize was an APHA Supreme
Champion, APHA Champion and Superior All-Around Champion.  He earned Superiors in
Halter, Heading and Heeling as well as ROM's in 13 events.  He was the sire of APHA World
Champions, Superior Champions and National Champions.

SIN BAR - APHA Champion

CLABBER - Western Horseman Legends 2, page 126 AQHA ROM Race, World
Champion, sire of 1 World Champion Race, 27 ROM race

Many more LEGENDS horses further back!  Legends crossed on Legends can help to create
a Legend of your own!!
Awhe Chief
Mr Norfleet
Awhe Chief                 Mr Norfleet
Three Bars
Two Eyed Jack
Three Bars                      Two Eyed Jack
Our Sir Prize
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