Sorrel tobiano paint and pinto mare born 1999

Double Registered
American Paint Horse Association (APHA)
Canadian Pinto Horse Association (CPtHA)
Due to surgery as a foal, JC has been a broodmare all her life.  She is easy to care for, foals easily and
teaches her foals well.  She is easy to catch and stands well for hoof trimming, vaccinating and deworming.

She has a great body, lovely eyes and a nice throatlatch.   
All her foals have expressive eyes and great muscling, including the inner gaskin.

Some accomplishments of her Rafter Diamond K Livestock foals:

Canadian Pinto Horse Association:
  • Canadian Pinto Supreme Champion
  • Certificates of Ability in Western Pleasure and English Pleasure
  • Grand Champion Halter Horse - 2009, Canadian Supreme Pinto Halter Horse - 2009
  • Futurity money winner
American Paint Horse Association:
  • APHA PAC Certificates of Recognition in Halter, English Pleasure, Equitation, Western Pleasure,
  • APHA PAC Certificate of Achievement in Halter
Pinto Horse Association of America:
  • Annual Awards 2008 - 1st OCAP Reining, 3rd OCAP Open Overall High Points, 4th OCAP Senior Youth
    Overall High Points
  • OCAP Certificates of Merit in Halter, Trail, English Pleasure

Canadian Pinto Horse Association futurity winner, point earner
Pinto Horse Association of America:
OCAP Certificate of Merit in Halter
Should have also earned her APHA PCA Certificate of Recognition in Halter, but we did not get the points back
from a couple of shows in a timely fashion so were unable to submit them for record.
JC's  Rafter Diamond K Livestock offspring

                                                                                 Cowboy Bar
                                              CBS Joe                     Patsy Joe Reed
              Montana Bonanza                                    Major Bonanza
                                              Major Catastrophe   Spooka Dot
Montana Highflyer                                                                Good
                                              Good Cuss                Hal's Bobbie
              Miss Friday Lady                                       Mr Reno George
                                              Miss Renos Lady      Miss Goodfly      
PANDA JAY CEE BARS                                                                 Cee Bar Hill
                                              Jay Cee Bars             Jay Bar Echo
            Red Jay Cee Bars                                       Tonto Tom
                                              Tonto Red Squaw      Billing's Squaw
Jingles Panda                                                                      Two Eyed Jack
                                              Jack Eyed Jack          Sheik's Barette
              Jingle Jingo Jack                                      Jingo Jag
                                              Ram Blen Jingo         Ram Blen Vandy
PEDIGREE NOTABLES that we have found so far

  • CBS Joe - ROM Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, sired by Cowboy Bar - APHA
    Champion, ROM Cutting by Cowboy Ranger - APHA Supreme Champion
  • Major Catastrophe - sired by Major Bonanza - AQHA Champion, by Coy's Bonanza - AQHA
    Champion. Out of  Spooka Dot - APHA Performance Versatility, Superior All Around, by Tinky's Spook
    - APHA Champion, APHA Legend
  • Good - AQHA Champion, ROM race, AAA, out of Leolita - AQHA Champion, ROM race, AAA
  • Two Eyed Jack - AQHA Hall of Fame, AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, ROM Western Pleasure

Other names - Three Bars (lots of times), Tonto Bars Gill, Grey Badger III, Jag On, Jaguar
JC and Indy - tobiano paint mare with sabino tovero foal
JC and Indy at Strathcona Horse
Showcase 200805
Ambassadors for the Paint and Pinto
Horse breeds
JC - paint and pinto broodmare for sale
Although never started under saddle, JC
accepted her "first rider" without a fuss.  One of
our 4-H members who was helping us at this
event did not realize she had never been ridden.
RDK Allredebehindbars (Bea)
RDK Sacred Indianna (Indy)  
Winners of both
Produce of Dam
Get of Sire  

(Bea lost her tail to an allergic
reaction at the end of July.  We
could not tie a tail in her, but it
gave the judges a great look at
her powerful back end and
inside gaskin muscles.
Her tail is growing back nicely.)

Ken and Kerri-Lee Schmuland
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