15 hh  Palomino
Quarter horse type  mare
Buttercup spent many years travelling the mountain trails before coming to our house.  She
was the first horse we purchased for our young girls, 8 and 10 at the time.

The girls used her for 4-H, open shows, trail riding, mountain riding, musical rides, drill
team, gymkhana, and just plain fun.  They packed on her, dressed her up, used her for
vaulting, experimented with what horses eat (kool-aid, peaches, hot dogs, etc.) and simply
loved her.

She came home with so many ribbons, we had to start recycling them.  Bareback class was
her specialty because she is sooo.. smooth to ride.  Fortunately she has passed this on to her

Her foals are being used for ranching, trail riding, road riding, jumping, hunter, team penning,
4-H and pleasure riding.  They are all healthy with good minds, legs, feet and attitude.
Rafter Diamond K
Located at 50542 Range Road 225, Leduc County
south of Sherwood Park, Alberta
east of Beaumont, Alberta
southeast of Edmonton, Alberta
west of Northern Bear Golf Course
Kerri-Lee & Red E Impression champion stallion, Ken & Fred
50542 Range Road 225
Leduc County AB T0B 3M1

Web presence:
Facebook group - Rafter Diamond K

Telephone contact:
Home: 780-449-0749
Fax: 780-449-0761

Ken cell: 780-915-3026
Kerri-Lee cell: 780-915-3027
Tamara cell: 780-221-3028

We are in Leduc County, Alberta,
20 minutes southeast of Edmonton,
15 minutes south of Sherwood Park,
12 minutes east of Beaumont, Alberta
30 minutes northeast of Leduc,
5 minutes west of Northern Bear Golf

We are two miles east of Highway 21
between Township road 510 to the
north and Secondary 625 to the south.